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About us


35 Years’ Experience in the Remote Control Industry

HUAYU focus on the research, development and manufacturing of home appliances remote control and integrated circuits for 35 years. We are the first one to do independent R&D chip in the industry. Our product model is up to more than 10,000 kinds to meet customs’ needs.

Value and Accessibility

HUAYU is one of the Biggest and the Earliest Companies Specializing in the Production of Remote Control. HUAYU series of products in the same first-line brand has a super cost-effective, each component of our own production, accumulation of 35 years in research and development, large scale production experience. Cost-effective first is our 35 years of persistent pursuit.

Most Advanced Production Equipment

HUAYU has the most advanced remote control production assembly line in industry, includes high-speed SMT machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering and other high-end welding technology and device, special process measuring, environmental test, aging testing and other advanced performance test equipment.

3D Printer

3D Printer

ROHS environmental inspection

Button Life Test

We also add a variety of high-end equipment and product upgrades. We have automatic matching IC program burning, remote control injection molding, screen printing, fuel injection, conductive adhesive and production capacity of very strong workshop, to ensure the delivery of products and low-cost operation. HUAYU has a perfect quality assurance system and can fully meet customer demand for high-quality products.

Transmitting power&distance test

Transmittance test

Abrasion Resistance Test


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